Advantages and Disadvantages of Spin and Tumble Dryers

In the past ten years, there have been two different types of dryers that have become popular in the market. They are spin dryers and tumble dryers; in this article you will learn a little about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Tumble and Spin Dryer Differences

The main difference between tumble dryers and spin dryers is the method they use to dry your clothing. The spin dryer makes use of centrifugal force to force out the water, while the tumble dryer makes use of heat in order to quickly dry your garments.

Advantages of The Spin Dryer

The biggest edge that spin dryers have over the tumble dryers is their energy consumption. Spin dryers do not need to generate heat, so they use much less energy per cycle. The tumble dryers tend to use much more heat than spin dryers, but that also depends on the energy efficient rating.

Advantages of the Tumble Dryer

The best thing about tumble dryers is that they are much more effective than spin dryers. The spin dryer uses less energy but it takes a very long time to dry your clothing and it may not even dry everything well. The tumble dryer generates heat depending on what setting you set it at. It can dry an entire load in minutes, or an hour, depending on your needs at the time.

The tumble dryer has four dryer settings that you can choose from. They range from a quick dry setting to a fairly moist setting. You can check out a detailed description of these settings with this link. Tumble dryers are guaranteed to dry your clothing completely without damaging the many delicate fibers of your clothes.

They may be more expensive than spin dryers, but if you decide to invest in a dryer, you should pick one that will keep you satisfied. The tumble dryer is more flexible to your lifestyle, is durable and long lasting, and comes in many sizes that will be big enough for an entire family or for just one person. However, this isn’t to say the tumble dryer is your only option. If you aren’t completely set on tumble dryers, then you should do some more research until you do feel comfortable with a decision. After all, there is no need for you to rush into a decision and end up wasting money.

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